A community learning disability nurse and nursing associate from Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust have jointly received the international DAISY Award for the outstanding compassionate care they provide to their patients.

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Lisa Healey-Lyman, community learning disability nurse, and Mary Corner, nursing associate, were nominated for the award for the care they provided to a patient in a care home.

The DAISY Awards are an international recognition programme that honours and celebrates the exceptional care that many nurses and midwives provide every day.

Their nomination reads: “These nurses have been visiting the home to support a resident who moved to us after a safeguarding was raised due to their vulnerability and the situation he was in. Over the course of the visits, these nurses also supported the home in being able to understand in more depth how we can support this gentleman. It will be their final visit in December and the confidence and happiness that they have given us to be able to support this young gentleman has been fantastic. I feel they have gone above and beyond and I’m sad their visits are coming to an end. We at the Chestnuts would love for these nurses to be recognised for the wonderful work they do.”

Lisa and Mary received their awards from Dr Anne Scott, executive director of nursing, allied health professionals and quality accompanied by their nominator and colleagues.

Lisa shared: “I am honoured to have been nominated for a DAISY award and feel it is a good reflection also on the amazing team I have working alongside me.

“The nursing workforce is amazing to be a part of and if you choose a career in nursing, you will not regret it.”

Mary shared: “I feel overwhelmed I was nominated for a DAISY Award. At the same time, I was excited about having a DAISY Award. I have a good team to support me in the work I do.

“I would tell anyone going into the care profession that helping others and caring for people gives you a great sense of accomplishment.”

You can thank your nurse by making a DAISY Award nomination here: www.leicspart.nhs.uk/about/daisy-award/

An acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune System, The DAISY Foundation was formed in America in November 1999, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP). The nursing care Patrick received when hospitalised profoundly touched his family.

You can find out more about the DAISY Foundation on their website: www.daisyfoundation.org/

Each DAISY Award honouree is recognised at a ceremony in their ward or department and receives a DAISY Award pin, certificate and a hand-carved sculpture A Healer’s Touch, funded by LPT’s charity Raising Health.