Precision Healthcare

Precision Healthcare

Leicestershire Academic Health Partners – Precision Healthcare

In an era where medical advancements are pushing the boundaries of personalised treatment, LAHP helps to harness the power of precision healthcare to revolutionise Patient Care, Research and Education.

Precision Healthcare, at its core, is about tailoring medical decisions and interventions to the unique characteristics of each individual. The LAHP is a collaborative force comprised of the University of Leicester, the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, LLR Integrated Care Board, Leicester Partnership NHS Trust and, Health Innovation East Midlands (formerly known as East Midlands Academic Health Science Network), we leverage our collective expertise to transform this concept into a reality. By integrating genomics, advanced diagnostics, data analytics, and interdisciplinary collaboration, we are committed to redefining routes of healthcare delivery.

LAHP’s precision healthcare initiatives not only target the treatment of diseases but also extend to disease prevention, early detection, and health maintenance. By analysing genetic, molecular, and environmental factors, the partnership identifies individual susceptibilities and tailors interventions that are not only more effective but also more precise, sparing patients from unnecessary treatments or interventions.

Moreover, LAHP’s precision healthcare initiatives transcend clinical boundaries. They encompass research, education, and community engagement. Through robust research efforts, the partnership is unravelling the complex web of diseases, unlocking insights that pave the way for innovative interventions. Educationally, the LAHP aims to empower the next generation of healthcare professionals with the knowledge and tools to navigate this new era of personalised care.