Celebrating International Nurses’ Day 2024

Posted by: Jamie Sharp - Posted on:

We’re celebrating the rich experiences and backgrounds of the research nurses working within the NIHR Leicester BRC this International Nurses’ Day (12th May).

The dedicated team of cardiovascular research nurses pictured above, includes nurses originally from Ghana, Sweden, India, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and the UK, who work together to deliver life changing research.

When asked what makes their role so special, Charles from Ghana, said: “Our work gives patients hope for the future, for improved treatments and more options, and that’s very special to me.” Vidya, from India added: “Working in research we get to understand why, and how treatments are working. I love being part this journey with patients.”

The NIHR Leicester BRC’s Cardiovascular Theme Manager, Andrea Field-Marshall, said: “The Cardiovascular Research Department’s success is down to the team within it, who work tirelessly to enable a professional, caring and inventive environment. 

“Our international nurses are pivotal to that success.  Their drive, compassion, high work ethic and dedication to the team, the participants, the department and the Trust is second to none.  The knowledge and skills that they bring with them to University Hospitals of Leicester is a valuable asset, and their motivation to always do a good job is highly commendable. 

“We are incredibly grateful that these outstanding individuals have chosen our team and this organisation to belong to and we would like to recognise and thank each of them on International Nurses’ Day.”