Charnwood Community Health & Wellbeing Partnership Hosts Celebratory Event

Posted by: Jamie Sharp - Posted on:

On Tuesday 12 March, more than 30 partners involved in health and wellbeing met to celebrate their successes and to renew their ambition to make an impact on people living in Charnwood.

Sarah Jones, Neighbourhood Lead for Charnwood, said: “There was a real energy and buzz in the room. It was amazing to see so many passionate local organisations coming together. We even had a song from a local resident who had used some of our services and is now setting up a musical support group for people who want to improve their mental health.”

The event took place at Beedles Lake Golf Course who generously subsidised the food and venue to make the event happen.

Chair of the group, Dr Leslie Borrill, said: “The celebration was a testament to the partnership’s progress in becoming a formal alliance and achieving its objectives over 18 months. The partnership has accomplished a great deal in a short time and is on track to fulfil its goals.”

Charnwood Community Health and Wellbeing Partnership aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the people in Charnwood and reduce the health inequalities experienced by some social groups or people. For example, increasing cancer screening uptake via MECC (Make Every Contact Count) care coordinators.

The partnership comprises a range of statutory organisations from across health and local authorities and VCSE organisations that support underrepresented groups. It is chaired by Dr Leslie Borrill, Partner Bridge Street Medical Practice (BSMP) and Clinical Director Carillon PCN, and vice-chaired by Rachel Hall, Deputy CEO of Falcon Support Services.

Since its formation, the Charnwood Community Health and Wellbeing Partnership has introduced an effective approach to partnership working in Charnwood, both strategically and operationally. It has informed and influenced strategic decisions that need to be made by respective organisations/groups, created opportunities for members to make connections and develop working relationships, and reviewed health and wellbeing priorities in line with the review timescales set out in the Charnwood Community Health and Wellbeing Plan to reflect population needs and in keeping with CORE20plus5 plans.

The partnership’s main priorities include:

  • dementia,
  • dying well,
  • loneliness,
  • mental health and wellbeing,
  • and carers (cross-cutting).

Its other priorities are asylum seekers and refugees, menopause, and homelessness.

The partnership has established four action groups, one for each priority area, with a clear ambition and a series of objectives. Each group has a management and clinical lead. It has also set up five neighbourhood mental health networks in Sileby, Syston, Shepshed, Birstall, and Loughborough, which all feed into the partnership.