Space Park Leicester celebrates International Women’s Day with ‘New Voices’ showcase

Posted by: Jamie Sharp - Posted on:

Space Park Leicester is delighted to announce the success of its inaugural “New Voices” event, held on Friday in celebration of International Women’s Day.

This inspirational occasion marked the commencement of a new series of social networking events exclusively tailored for the space community, which encompasses professionals from Space Park Leicester, Space City, and their esteemed partners and collaborators.

The ‘New Voices’ series is designed to bring attention to the often-overlooked early-career members of staff within the University of Leicester and its partner organisations, providing a platform for them to share their experiences and aspirations. The event, held at Space Park Leicester, proved to be a resounding success, fostering connections and sparking discussions within the space community.

Jesamy Kellow, Capability Manager at AWE, was nominated by her employer to be part of the panel.

From significant contributions to AWE’s research and development into material properties and hydrodynamic experiments, to transitioning from a chemistry to a physics apprenticeship, Jesamy showcased her own inspirational journey.

Hydrodynamic experiments are from a branch of physics, which investigate the motion of fluids and at extreme pressures and temperatures seen beyond our planet, looking into solids acting as liquids.

Jesamy said: “It’s crucial to highlight the contributions of young professionals in the STEM industry. The ‘New Voices’ event exemplifies the commitment of Space Park Leicester to nurturing talent and providing a platform for diverse voices.”

Attendees were treated to insights from the “New Voices,” who represent the future leaders and innovators of the space industry.

Frederica Moscato, CEDA Head of Earth Observation at RAL Space, welcomed guests and Jenna Tiwana, Senior Strategy Advisor and Business Development Manager at ispace inc. delivered a talk for International Women’s Day.

The event also featured a ‘New Voices Showcase’ in the afternoon, with individuals such as Hannah Sargeant, Research Fellow at the University of Leicester, and Jazmine Frost, DE&I Lead and Chair of the CGI UK&A Young Professionals Network.

The panel discussion covered various topics, including ‘Utilising Resources on the Moon’, and ‘Thermal Imaging’, as well as speaking about their personal experiences as apprentices and graduates.

AWE’s commitment to supporting emerging talent was further emphasised through the participation of Josephine Hearn and Shivani Chauhan, graduates from AWE, showcasing the organisation’s dedication to fostering diversity and inclusion in the space industry.

The networking continued allowing attendees to engage in meaningful conversations and build connections within the space community. The success of the event was further exemplified by the diverse range of voices and expertise shared throughout the day.

Alex Wheldon, Head of Strategic Communications and Marketing at Space Park Leicester said: “Space Park Leicester extends its gratitude to all participants and looks forward to future ‘Showcase’ events that will continue to spotlight the space industry’s brightest talents.”