EMAHSN Starts a new five-year licence with a new name – Health Innovation East Midlands

Posted by: Jamie Sharp - Posted on:

The Government and NHS England have relicensed England’s 15 Academic Health Science Networks.

To better reflect their role as the innovation arm of the NHS, the East Midlands AHSN has renamed from 1 October 2023 to “Health Innovation East Midlands“.

HINs work locally and nationally to support the spread of all types of innovation within the NHS, from new technologies to ways of working and service improvements. They also provide bespoke support to innovators to accelerate promising innovations from development to adoption, and boost economic growth.

Health Innovation East Midlands Managing Director, Nicole McGlennon said: “Health Innovation East Midlands continues to provide expert support to the local health and care system, and to healthcare innovators. We remain a network of 15 organisations that shares knowledge and skills and ensures that successful transformations benefit service and populations across the country

The new Health Innovation East Midlands contact details are: