Innovation Analysts’ Development Programme

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Health Innovation East Midlands

Health Innovation East Midlands is offering a high quality, structured programme for Information Analysts who will develop new skills to improve patient care.

The role of the Information Analyst is evolving as technology improves user access to data and managers and clinicians require more subtle and complex information to inform changes to practice.

The 10-day course provides an opportunity for analysts to build on skills of finding and collating data and presenting key information succinctly and clearly to help understand how data can answer difficult questions.

The evolution of analysis sees Analysts using their skills to not only extract data but also to present a clear narrative which supports the improvement of healthcare.

The programme, the first designed specifically for healthcare Information analysts, covers key elements including statistical models, tools for presenting data and measuring improvement, and using data to support organisational decision making.

To find out more or to book a place, email [email protected]