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Health Innovation East Midlands

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, introducing new innovations or services can be complex and challenging.

The Innovation Academy is a comprehensive guide to mastering these challenges and achieving success within the NHS and the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Coordinated by Health Innovation East Midlands, the Academy offers innovators a curated catalogue of short courses that follow the Healthcare Technology Pathway from ideation to adoption.

The Academy is free to access and is a valuable resource to innovators across industry, healthcare, and academia.

If you are passionate about enhancing patient care and improving healthcare systems, the Academy can support your innovation journey.

Key features of the academy include:

  • Comprehensive course catalogue: Equip yourself with essential knowledge, covering topics from understanding the NHS structure, Navigating NHS Supply Chain, and Patient and Public Involvement to address Health Inequalities.
  • Expert-led modules: Access on-demand recorded content delivered by healthcare sector experts at your convenience for personalised learning.
  • Interactive ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions: Each module is complemented by the opportunity to engage with experts at live events to gain further insights, and address specific questions related to your healthcare innovation journey.
  • Innovator stories: Be inspired by success stories that explore innovator pains and gains.

A proven model of innovator support, launching on a new platform with new courses and content from January 2024.

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